Saturday, August 21, 2010


How often is it that one can just walk out the front door and head around the corner to a beautiful array of market stalls, musicians, spring flowers and a buzzing local crowd? Well, today we did just that! We visited our first Somers Winter Market and we had a day filled with smiles and gratitude.

I enjoyed a piping hot cup of homemade soup sold by the local preschool while Michael and Aria devoured some scrumptious little pancakes. We sat in the middle of the gorgeous grounds outside the Coolart homestead while we sampled our treats accompanied by some folksy guitar tunes and the laughter of children as they giddily chased each other.

I met some local musicians and learned of a 'Muso's night' nearby that runs on a fortnightly basis. I can't wait to go along and meet some other fellow singer/songwriters and to learn more about the music scene on the Peninsula.

Aria happily decorated her very own Somers T-shirt...

With a little help from Mama and Dadda...

I'm so grateful to be running right now! You can't stop me! 

Michael and I had to take it in turns though - Aria's energy was boundless!

Laughing, running, puffing and tripping over her uncooperative shoes (which eventually stayed off altogether). Aria is just blossoming right now - in tune with the seasons!

This was taken just after we all piled on top of each other... "Stacks on Mama!!!" Next time Dadda can be on the bottom I think!


Earlier in our week...

I have been embarking on a new journey of late. Feeling a renewed spiritual energy, I have been going within and taking the time to cultivate a meditative state of mind and a still heart. It feels wonderful to shed some layers. Part of this journey has invloved joining my first spiritual circle. Along with a group of lovely women, I have been rediscovering my relationship with native American Indian spiritual practice through ceremony, sharing and a wonderful teacher. 

I have had some incredibly profound moments already and am so excited to be entering this new, deep and real time of discovery. We have been discovering our animal totems, working with the four Grandmothers and are about to begin working with the medicine wheel. This is all very new to me at this moment, but somehow I feel very connected to all this entails - like I am now being reminded of what truly lies in my soul. I am just in love with all that life in these parts has to offer. I am in the right place.

Around us, cascading golden wattle rolls over the landscape. I'm not even sure if I'd ever really noticed wattle before we moved here! I grew up in New Zealand and have only lived in suburbia and the inner city in Australia before where you can hardly even tell one season from the next. Can't miss it now! This is the view outside our lounge room window. What a lovely introduction to spring:)

Hello little one!

The trees have only just begun to light up with radiant blooms. Such a delicate glow underneath the waking father sun who is stiring from his long winter slumber.

Aria has been extremely taken with babies at the moment. I thought this would be the perfect gift for her as she recovered from a two year old molar-induced bout of fever and diarrhea. She has never been sick like this before, so as she slept I quickly gathered whatever I had at hand and whipped up this funny little baby doll for her. Even though the bubba looks very wrinkled-old-man-ish, she seems to be in love with it all the same. It's adorable watching her give her baby "milk cuddles".

I am feeling so much gratitude for the changing seasons of our lives right now and am loving each moment.

In love and light