Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heart swap, a girl, her fairy, and her dreams...

The scene is set...

A young girl, on her journey through the land of dreams, is watched over by the loving eyes of a beautiful fairy.

Warm, soft and magical is this land... her fairy gently sings drifting lullabies.


My Heart Swap item - 
 A wise and loving embrace.

I hope my partner will like it - this is my first ever 'swap'!

With love and light xxx

This moment

{This Moment} A friday ritual (inspired by soulemama). a single photo capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment. a moment to pause, savor and remember.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's cowl and hanging around season!

I've become just a wee bit obsessed with the cowl of late. I've only recently come across them and I'm in love. Ladies in my family beware... if you are having a birthday soon, a cowl is likely to be coming your way!

 My first attempt at both. A cowl and a beanie (adapted from this pattern) for the beautiful Aunty 'Sisty' (Kirsty) who just had her birthday. The cowl was such a pleasure to knit using the softest alpaca/merino blend.

I decided Mama needed one too...

 ...which can also be worn over the head to keep the chill off those ears. I found this pattern was so easy to memorise which made for a couple of very relaxing evenings on the couch by candle light.

 Aria's been wearing the latest one as a beanie/headband.

We've been collecting pine cones to include in our bonfire for Dadda's upcoming 30th birthday. He would like a grey/charcoal version of this to wear as a beanie/headband around the windy beach.

Lots of interesting insects to behold!

And in other news...

In keeping with our 'Great outdoor challenge' (see previous posts), I thought I'd post a few moments from our time in nature over the last few days. I'm struggling a wee bit to post a photo each day so this is my way of catching up.

We've been hanging around...

...which is very hot work, so down to the undies!

And again:)

Aria has this funny game that she enjoys all by herself. She'll find a bit of wood, throw it and then run and grab it (kind of like playing 'fetch' with herself). It keeps her quite entertained, lol :) It's so beautiful to watch her running around with wild abandon and her hair blowing in the wind on such a huge expanse of grass - I find there is such a profoundly unique sense of connection, freedom and 'aliveness' that eminates from children when they are allowed to run free in nature. Music for the soul.

Peace xxx

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Moment

{This moment} A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

Love and light xxx

Great outdoor Challenge - (today and yesterday)




Ooooh , exciting...

Too exciting!

The day would not be complete without a basket to carry around.


As the autumn sun is setting...

...we have our final walk for the day.

Peace xxx

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nature awareness month challenge - our local beach

Today Aria and I trotted off to our back yard beach as we often do. It was lovely to capture some of these moments on camera - I usually wouldn't have taken quite so many shots, but this challenge has me inspired!

First we came across some curious looking trees...

 Perfect for peeking through...

and an impromptu tea party (as well as a climbing frame/obstacle course!)

Nearby was a huge pile of mulch - great to climb up and then slide down (on your backside!)
Then came the beach! It was what Aria had excitedly been waiting for all day!

 Oooh! Now we have a pile of sand to slide on.

Up and down the hill - look at all those footprints! Up and down, up and down...

 Contemplating the little dip

 Hello old tree

 Time for some shoes off action - none of this pussyfooting around!

 Twinkle toes in the sparkly sea


Sea Horse!

 And a flower for Mama

Now time to walk home and hop in the car to pick up our vegie box... Brrrm Brrrmmm

Peace xx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Our nature challenge has had to take a back seat today due to illness so I thought I'd post this instead; Aria with her Nanna... 

You can see more wordless wednesday here

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great outdoor Challenge

As part of the great outdoor challenge, today I took along my camera on our usual nature walk and snapped up a few memories...

Dandelion love

 Fairy love


Our Kalala (Koala) friend

A pair of Galas flapping and twittering away

A pair of beautiful Lorikeets fluttering around. Aria actually gasped when she saw these!

Saying hello to the beetles on the path. It looks like she's squashing it from this angle, but she's not! I can't believe how quickly she just goes and touches any beetle or insect and says "hawo" then "babah". She obviously hasn't yet been conditioned into freaking out about them like most people do!

When we got back from our walk we picked some fresh lettuce for lunch - yum!

Later on in the day we went for another Koala walk. Aria was chatting away to the trees, flowers, grass and birds. She also kept saying "nose" (meaning gnomes) and pointing to little nooks and crannies. I love the pure joy in her face in this shot. She becomes so energised when out in nature (as does her Mama!)