Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner Parties and Castles

Lately we've been re-familiarising ourself with the joys of the beach! The sun is back and we're loving it!

Aria decided to make me some lunch. She set about arranging a table for me...

... complete with brain-like things and lots of sandy shell-plates

"More sandwhich Mama?"

So much exploring to be done!

It wasn't too long before the pants came off and we were digging around making mountains and towers.

Having a nudie bum is always a favourite passtime!

More cakes for Mama:)

The following day we went back to our beloved beach only to discover that our old friend 'winter' was back to make another appearance! Winter truly has not wanted to leave us this year! What a contrast between the two days - spring weather is amazing!

Amidst all the wet rain, wind and stormy weather a double rainbow smiled at us (you can't quite make out the second rainbow in this shot, but there was one!)

Stormy skies are so interesting!

We loved out walk on the beach all the same. It is exhilirating in any kind of weather!

With love and light

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indigomumma said...

BEAUTIFUL! Times of transformation and wonderful things coming your way! :)

And YES! Hasn't King Winter really been a bit stubborn about letting go and allowing Lady Spring her space of the year! :)

Happy Halloween/All Saints xxx