Sunday, November 21, 2010

and the Christmas Season Begins...

Christmas is everywhere already! I love this time of year and am being flooded with ideas as to what Aria and I can make for gifts as well as some little treasures for her. We are also getting into the spirit of Spring/Summer and getting into lots of new activites...

We have been busy making christmas tree ornaments - I may put wings on them to make them into christmas angels, but I quite like them as is; little christmas flower babies to hang on the tree. Aria's favourite is the rainbow baby:)

These are extremely addictive to make!

Aria helped to sort out the different lengths of wool into bowls from her kitchen. She then handed them to me as I needed them. I also supplied a little foam pad and a small stick (for her 'needle') just for her as she happily mimicked what I was doing. She loved pulling the wool apart and "making babies" while sitting in the sun with me.

Today we got the wool out again along with some cookie cutters and wet felted these shapes. I thought I'd do some blanket stitch around the edges and sew some beads on for some more christmas ornaments to be gifted to family and friends - we better get busy if we want some for our tree too!

The weather here still hasn't straightened out in all it's spring glory, so one wet afternoon Aria and I painted each others faces. There was a lot of laughter, that's for sure.

For the spiritual circle that I go to each month we were asked to make some tarot cards. I decided it would be fun to paint them with Aria. She was thrilled with all the card laid out on the table and set to work! They turned out to be really special cards:) I was really nervous about doing a reading on another person - a relative 'stranger', but it was a lot easier than I thought and freed up a lot of fears around speaking with others.

Recently I have altered our weekle rhythm to include: Monday - Cooking day, Tuesday - cleaning day, Wednesday - Pool day, Thursday - Playgroup day, Friday - Gardening day. This week we made a gluten free teddy bear cake and some delicious Pizza (although Aria didn't want to eat hers in the end so it ended up in Aunty Kirsty's tummy!)

For 'pool day' we have been visiting an awesome salt water pool in Mt Martha. Aria loves jumping in and out of the pool and the water play really seems to be a grreat need for her. Aunty Kirsty came to visit this week and took these shots on her phone.



Anonymous said...

The flower babies are just beautiful! Can you point me in the direction of some instructions, please?

Melissa said...

Hi MM:)

Thanks for your lovely comment. Here is what I did to make the babies:

For the head form a little ball with a small piece of wool then wrap a slightly larger piece around it – covering the whole ball with the ends hanging down below. Tie a piece of the same wool around the ends to form the bottom of the head/neck. Then all I did was needle felt some lengths of different coloured wool on to the neck area. For the hat I wrapped the wool over the head then needle felted it on.

I think I may need to do a tutorial! Reading over what I have just written, it doesn’t seem very clear – I really need to show you pictures! Give me a few days and I’ll get a tutorial up:) xx

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I *sorta* get it... but a tutorial would be great! Looking forward to it :)