Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Business

I just thought I'd post some photos of our preparation as we get closer to Aria's 2nd birthday. We are having so much fun getting all the surprises together for her special day tomorrow which she will spend with just Mama and Dadda. Aria is very excited about her "Birsday Party" on Sunday to which all the family will be coming to share in songs, stories, nourishing food and lots of lovin':)

 I didn't want to use balloons this year as I am conscious of keeping this as un-disposable as possible, so I decided to make some flags to hang around the place.

I'm extremely grateful for this hand-me-down sewing machine from my lovely Mother in law, Christine, which is getting some good use - (even if it's operator is somewhat confused the majority of the time!)

Dadda has been trying his hand at a woodworking project! He is building a kitchen bench complete with sink and stove top with shelves underneath to store all her plates and utensils. He has also been 'tuttin tees' (cutting trees!) to make tree blocks which I have just finished sanding

A certain someone's quilt is now complete. I included her own artwork (batik inspired painted fabric) patches which have made it feel really personal and special.

Hopefuly her artwork detracts from Mama's amateur sewing skills!

I have lined it with 100% natural bamboo/wool batting:)

Her birthday angel is beginning to take form

One excited little girl! Aunty kirsty is over to help make some decorations:)

Collecting decorative flowers with Aunty Kirsty


A gift for Kirsty:)

The beginning of some window hangings made of merino rainbow wool, some wool roving angels, stars, flowers, shells, gum nuts, and other bits and bobs. Aria loved doing this so much for Dadda's birthday, that I thought we would do it again for hers. It's hard to capture in a photograph, but the effect is quite magical and suits my little rainbow girl to a tee!

 We've tried our hand at tie dying for the first time!

...And together we sanded some tree blocks.


Somewhere amidst all this preparation and excitement I need to find some time to meditate and to sleep! Phew! My head is spinning with birthday songs and stories... Don't you just love birthdays? I do!
In love and light


indigomumma said...

WOW! You have created such a magical celebration. The quilt looks beautiful. I would love to make something like this, but my sewing skills are extremely basic. Maybe I'll take some inspiration from you and give one a try someday soon :) Enjoy your special day together. :) xxx

Em said...

What wonderful gifts for your little girl :) Looks like she will have a very special birthday :) My youngest is two next week - they seem to grow up so quickly.

softearthart said...

Oh how magical birthdays are, best wishes, to your wee girl, cheers Marie

Vic said...

Birthdays are wonderful! I love the quilt! You are so talented! Vic xx

momma rae said...

incredible! your quilt turned out lovely. can't wait to see more pics of all the beautiful treasures you have created together and of her big day. :)


wow! so many gorgeous things filled with love. happy birthday to your little one!

Bending Birches said...

ohhh we are getting ready for our son's party, as well:) I am also working on fabric banners, a wool roving birthday angel, etc. have you made the birthday crown yet? I cant wait to see your final pieces!!!!
thanks for posting:) ::hugs::