Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kicking off the Winter blues - coming out of hibernation!

Today I decided we all needed to get out there and shake off some of that old wintery stagnation.

For some time now I've had a little goal that I'd like to start running. I've been feeling so full of life on my low fat raw vegan diet that I actually VOLUNTARILY got up on this sleepy Sunday morning and went for a RUN! Yes, you did read that correctly.... a RUN! It was only very short - halfway round the Koala reserve and back - but, I'm near on exstatic that I could even do that much! I've never really been a runner before - even though I was always fit (pre difficult pregnancy) - but for some reason I have been envisioning myself running through the country side and shifting all that blocked energy as I fly by. I've been craving this expression of power and strength since I was told (not all that long ago) that I was told I wouldn't be able to do anything of the sort ever again (I was wheel chair bound throught the 2nd half of pregancy due to unstable pelvis). My muscles were weak and I barely made it home, but I was soooooo excited that I'm nearly tearing up as I write this!

After such a brilliant start to the day - Oh and did I mention the sun was shining like it was spring- we gathered ourselves and took off to a local farm where we picked up some delicious goodies that any Raw eater would appreciate.
I'm keen to try the Durian that we picked up today. I've heard many good things, and it smells delicious (even if it is lethaly sharp!) I scored some delicous locally grown organic herbal teas which I've been enjoying all day and am looking forward to putting the Aloe Vera plant to good use.

We also stopped by the markets in Mornington and strolled around the colourful crafty stalls. I love the vibrant energy of markets:)

After this Aria konked out in the car while we drove down the peninsula to Cape Schank and took advantage of the fact that all the national parks around here now have free admission (as of July 1 this year).

Drinks thief!

Isn't it great to be ALIVE!

Gnome's carpet pops up where you least expect it!

Lots of "Tuddles" with Dadda today.

Aria insisted on walking down EVERY one of those stairs - all the way to the end and back up again! The other visitors were most intrigued!

Such little legs and so many steps!

A little break for Mama...

... which didn't last for long.

Some awesome views

Intriguing landscapes

Some sort of sea mushroom-trumpet thingee with a seaweed hair do!

Lots of snuggles in the wind while looking at the ocean lap over the pebbled coast.

Some images from earlier in the week around our neighbourhood:

In love and light



beautiful photos! you are blessed :)

indigomumma said...

Beautiful post! Congratulations on your RUN! How exciting :) I am definitely feeling that 'dusty' Winter feeling and looking forward to our raw Spring detox. I know I could just go raw now and Spring clean our home and bodies now, but I am really enjoying being in this 'dusty' space of the year... sounds odd doesn't it, but I am... and that said, I am also looking forward to the cleansing energy of Spring just around the corner... the reason I write these words, is to say you are inspiring me greatly with all you are doing :) Thank you :)

In regards to the Durian I was going to say 'what's that thing in the back right corner of the picture, it looks like you brought an echidna home with you', but I guess that's the Durian?

Beautiful pictures too - thank you for sharing :) xxx

momma rae said...

what a beautiful place you live!! i am most intrigued by that durian. i have never seen such a thing. neat!

nocton4 said...

wonderful, inspiring post, love it xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a perfect day. Your photos are beautiful! I've been fascinated with the raw food diet and reading so much about it, and tried some things here and there, but never really commited to it. And raw desserts (ones made with nuts), as delicious as they may be, always sit in my stomac like a ton of bricks. I just recently started reading about the "low fat raw food diet" and I was thinking it might be the way to go for me if I want to do this... your top pic and your words just made me think it is :)

Catherine said...

I can't believe all the amazing fruits you have at home! You are so lucky!!! You have to report back on the durian! I am curious of their taste! your photos are gorgeous!!! Life seems full of life and goodness!
Happy birthday to Aria! And happy birth-giving day to you!

softearthart said...

Wonderful photos, just love your wee daughters coat, and well done you on the run. great stuff. cheers Marie

Vic said...

Beautiful photos! Great produce too, I love a good farmers market! Little Aria is so adorable, especially in her Ergo, we've got the same one! What a lovely post. Vic xx

Kelly said...

Very inspiring. Beautiful pictures. You have such joy! You go, mama!

Bending Birches said...

oh the beautiful toadstools!!!