Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The beach, the garden, Koalas and tea time :)

Well, spring has finally sprung and we're all starting to stretch our bones and wake up a wee bit around here! I don't think I've ever hibernated quite so much as I have this year. What a cold, dark and wet winter we've had! I'm sure as the sun settles in the sky and I regain some energy I'll be back to my old blogging self, but in the mean time I'm quite happy to just post here and there. I'm very much enjoying going with the flow of the seasons - something which is new for me and something which is a whole lot easier to do while living in the amazing surrounds of the Mornington Peninsula! It's such a profound gift to be more in tune with mother nature - while I've definitely felt the need to go within and to retreat quite deeply, I've actually felt more alive as a result.

This is what's been going down over the past week or so...

I've enjoyed going for soul-cleansing walks at the beach during the week with Aria. We have been presented with many gifts and messages from the wondrous world in which we live:) It's amazing what you learn if you just keep your heart open to what is out there!

 I'm sure many of these gorgeous little flowers are weeds - but that didn't stop Aria from indiscriminately collecting these spring beauties for our table wreath. 

We have been spending some extra time in the garden lately and I'm really getting addicted to it! Weeding and simply being out there in the dirt and the sunshine (albeit tentative) has been undeniably nurturing for both Aria and myself. We have been meeting lots of new faeries and Aria has been talking of angels in the garden for the first time. Some very special and beautiful moments are being shared out there! I am often filled to the brim with joy as I observe Aria with her trolley, wheeling the piles of weeds around the place - taking the "fruit to the fruit lady for her shop". Apparently we're farmers! 

We have also taken to observing all the bird activity at the moment - I have a thoroughly new appreciation for birds as I have been delving into my animal totems (one of which is Crow). It's almost like the whole world has opened up - in our garden!

The makings of our spring wreath within which we always place a candle where the 'faeries of the candle flame' light our evening mealtimes.

Michael and I were startled late the other night when we saw a pair of eyes slowly moving past our lounge room window...  

Upon further investigation we were delighted to discover a strong looking young Koala. We haven't seen a Koala for weeks and weeks and were worried that the population had dwindled so much that perhaps we wouldn't be seeing many more of them around (the drought and neighbourhood dogs have taken their toll on the poor Koalas of late). What a special treat!

  Today Aria and I spent a good hour or so sharing tea:)

Notice how saturated everything became! Hehehe

 "Teapot hat having a bath"

 Sooo much fun to be had from a cup or two (and a bench - and a floor) of rosehip tea!

Boy do I love this girl!

I hope you are all enjoying moving with the changing seasons wherever you are in the world:)
With love and light


indigomumma said...

Beautiful post Melissa :) Happy Spring :)

Sunshine Mama said...

So glad to read from you again! Your posts are always so lovely. There's nothing quite like the fresh energy of Spring after a long winter. I'm in Canada and Fall seemed to have happened over night here. It is my favourite season, but I've never went with the flow of the seasons before (since I was a child) until this summer. I really enjoyed it fully and it felt so natural. I really plan on continuing to do so.

Happy spring to you!

Cerwydwyn said...

Your daughter is absolutely precious! I can see the happiness radiating from her. Love the wildflower wreath as well.

Tan Family said...

What a beautiful post! It's becoming Autumn here. Happy Spring to you!

Mama Whimsy said...

A beautiful spring day! We are celebrating and enjoying the crisp fall here. I love the wreath!