Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spring babies

Spring babies are slowly stretching as they carefuly uncurl their magical little bodies from the centre of all the new flowers that the faeries have nurtured into being. Surrounding us are many small beings - waking up, opening their eyes and looking into the sun for the very first time. Excited about their new journey with mother nature and about all the gifts they have to share with all the Mums, Dads and children who live in the land of spring time - I managed to collect a little bud baby and she sits on our nature table and waits every day (along with some other magical beings) to play with a very curious little girl who gives her lots of cuddles and kisses...

Many thanks to Marie from 'Soft Earth Art' for the adorable babe in a basket and the bird who are constantly being played with:)

Sitting in her flower is where this little one likes to be the most - surrounded by the sunny warmth of spring time.

Aria also very much enjoyed helping Mama make some blossoming branches at our local Steiner play group this week. It's amazing how effective some crumpled tissue paper can be! We want to make many more of these branches and many more birdies to sit on them as there are so many different bird folk around us at the moment of all shapes and sizes.

With love and light


softearthart said...

A beautiful Nature table, many thanks for mentioning my needle felted creations, Love and light Marie

indigomumma said...

gorgeous melissa. your needle felting is amazing :) happy spring

Anonymous said...

What a sweet page to come across <3 Very creative & cute Marie, and Melissa it's lovely to see parents encouraging children to live in awareness of our connection to nature.
I was searching for Tawny frog-mouth totem meanings when i found your blog. Peace :) Dannielle.