Saturday, October 30, 2010

So many things to blog about!

It seems to have been ages since I posted a blog about the goings on around here... so here is a mish mash of what we've been doing lately in this 'Jekyll and Hyde' spring weather! Octoboer came and went in the blink of an eye and now we're heading toward christmas - i can hardly believe it!

I made my first little thing sewing from and actual pattern! I was so scared of patterns for some reason, but Aria seems to love it all the same:)

She is fascinated with all the bird activity around the place at the moment - it's like a spectacular air show with birds!

I decided to continue with the whole sewing-from-a-pattern thing and made this little dress for Aria for our 'Spring Harvest/Halloween party'. She wanted to go as "Mary had a little lamb" after she discovered a crook/walking stick the perfect size for her at the craft shop.

I made my first coil bowl...

Rainbow colours:)

Aria got in on the creative mood and decorated her face with markers that Mama absent mindedly left lying about! (At least they were the wash-in-water non toxic kind!)

We've had many new faces and experiences with little miss 2yr old!

It has been so much fun being able to communicate on a whole new level!

Earlier in the month my sister had her wedding...

It was a beautiful day with many smiles...

The bride and groom looked absolutely breath taking!

It was a lot of fun getting to know the other bridesmaids a little better during the lead up to the wedding. There was so much to organise and it was a pleasure with these beautiful women:)

Aria received a special gift from Great Nanna and Great Grandad (visiting from NZ) who saw her fascination with prams/babies and spotted this awesome retro set of wheels at the Hurstbridge market.

It was soooo wonderful to have all the relos visiting from NZ for the wedding. Aria had a fantastic time meeting everyone again. I really miss my kiwi family!

Aria proudly showed off the house we made for Aunty Kirsty...

...and had more fun and games with family:)

The new bride and our Dad:) I love this shot!


We returned home from the wedding to find that a bird has nested on our fuse box! All's going well so far and we've managed not to disturb her... we are now using the other door! I hope those babies turn out ok sitting on top of that fuse box!

An finally... I now have my long awaited dreadies! I'm LOVING them so far:)

They are slowly forming and right now I'm going few the inevitable initial period of complete and utter frizziness!

We have our Halloween/Spring party tomorrow night and preparations are underway right now... speaking of which, I'd better run of and help out!

In love and light


indigomumma said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Your sewing is amazing. And the coil bowl is fantastic too! You have been so busy. The dreads are looking very rad and the frizziness will subside. Salt water and if you are not opposed - a bit of knotty boy aloe tightening gel (which is all natural and wears out in a few days, not like wax that gets stuck in the middle of the dreads!) when you first turn them under will work a treat. I love the 'many faces of Aria'! Beautiful! :)

indigomumma said...

Hey Melissa. Did you follow a tut for the coil bowl? Did you hand sew or machine sew together - I cannot seem to see your stitching of it together - how did you hold it together? I would like to use hemp rope for the bowl core! We will definitely be making some of these, thanks for the inspiration :) xxx

indigomumma said...

ah - just figured it out! With the help of this tut!