Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 3rd Chakra - looking after the solar plexus area

Just thought I'd write a quick post about the 3rd chakra. I've been looking into how to look after and stimulate this area due to my ongoing dealings with glandular fever and chronic fatigue.

The 3rd Chakra, also called the solar plexus chakra, is located halfway between the navel and breast bone and is associated with the colour yellow. In terms of Eastern philosophies, this area is also the domain of the inner adult - giving the ability to make choices that stay true to your course in life with courage and integrity. It is where our core strength lives and is the seat of our personal power. This whole area houses the adrenal glands, kidneys, liver and spleen.  The kidneys, liver & spleen work at ridding our bodies of excess toxins and help protect against illness - giving energy and stamina, while the adrenal glands work at keeping our nervous system and stress hormone levels healthy.

The adrenal glands play an extremely important role where our well being is concerned. Too much stress, failure to look after the whole self and chronic negative emotions such as worry often result in adrenal overload and burnout.  When the adrenals are overstimulated by stress, they become overloaded with cortisol which means that they must adapt by diminishing the output of these regulatory hormones in order to maintain equilibrium. The nervouse system of a sufferer of adrenal fatigue is running on low stress coping hormone levels (eg. cortisol). This can reult in hypoglycemia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, addiction, muscle spasms, 'night owl' tendencies, low blood pressure, inflamation, immune deficiencies, increased abdominal fat, slow wound healing and a lack in many vitamins and minerals. Glandular fever (the most common precursor to chronic fatigue) is also a result of 3rd Chakra exhaustion despite being attributed in the past to the epstein barr virus (it has since been discovered that the EB virus lays dormant for many years in a number of people, but only becomes 'active' when triggered by other factors such as too much stress and a lack of vitamin B).

Here are some ways to help look after our personal power house - the 3rd Chakra - and prevent the all too common conditions related to burn out. (Please remember that this is just data that I have collected from my own personal research and esperience - it is in no way a professional opinion or a diagnosis.)

Licorice root, Siberian Ginseng, Ginger, Cinnamon, alfalfa, Bayberry, Juniper berries, parsley (for potassium), dandelion root and orange peel, Green tea (moderately due to caffiene), fennel, chamomile

Spirulina, L-tyrosine, Licorice extract, potassium (always consult a professional), organic sodium (not salt), GTF chromium, magnesium and clacium, Vitamin B complex, B-5, B-12, Vitamins A & C, a-b-c strain probiotics.

Grains, Starches, Dairy, Yellowe fruit & veg, Spices; ginger, mint, melissa, chamomile, tumeric, cumin, fennel.

Essential Oils:
Rosemary, Carnation, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Peppermint, Juniper, Lavender, Citrul oils, Cedar, Pine, Rose (decreases depression). 1 tbsp of apple cider vingar and some epsom salts in a bath also work wonders.

Amber (amazingly soothing - especially if worn around the neck for relief from all those glands and a heavy head), Citrine, Melachite, Topaz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite. 

Yoga -
Sun salutation, Navasana (boat pose, 1/2 boat pose, leg lifts (Urdhva Prasarita Padasana), Warrior poses, twists, Bellows Breath/Breath of Fire (Bhastrika Pranayama). Passive backbends are resotrative where 3rd Chakra excess is present - they cool off the belly's fire and have a calming effect.
Hula Hoop, Dancing - the twist, Belly Dancing, rubbing the belly

Alternative therapies:
I've also found Chinese herbal medicine, accupuncture, cupping, massage, osteopathy helpful for providing relief from the symptoms listed above.

Meditation & Inner work:
Where any condition presents as being chronic, I believe a great amount of soul searching is integral to the healing process. Loving, guided meditations can be greatly soothing and can be used to kick start or provide the most fertile environment for healing to occur. I love Doreen Virtue's Angel meditations, Brian Weiss's meditation for joy and love, and Louise L Hay's affirmations amongst many others. Whatever spiritual path you are on, now is the time to immerse yourself in it - to read up on, listen to and nurture those aspects of yourself.

Don't forget lots of rest and sleep, and to go easy on yourself! It's amazing what we say to ourselves all day long - I really have to watch this internal dialogue. It's also important to eat wholefoods and organic wherever possible - lessening any toxins that enter your system. This way you will be easing the work load for the cleansing organs in your solar plexus area.

I hope my experience is of some help. Much love, strength and warm wishes for the Christmas period ahead.

Angel Meditation, Dorren Virtue, phd.
You can heal your life affirmations - Louise L Hay
The work of Brian Weiss
Salute to the Sun, Yoga
Search here for the healing properties of any oils, herbs, food


onegoldensun said...

Thank you for sharing all of this information. I know intuitively that the solar plexus chakra is a place that I need to focus on myself.
Warmest blessings,

indigomumma said...

thank you so much for everything you share here Melissa. Your time to sit and write this is much appreciated. You have given me some wonderful inspiration and as emily says above, I too feel that this is the place for me to focus my energy for inner healing. The solar plexus is the seat of much stored negative emotion and cellular memory that causes much dis-ease. It is not an easy path to walk in releasing all of this, but as we do, we see the benefits of our efforts. Then when I find myself becoming a little lax in my journey, the angels are always there leading me to read some piece of wonderful information, such as the words you so kindly share here, that will kick start my focus back on track! I am really looking forward to listening to Doreen's angel meditation, thank you so much. Have you seen Loise Hay's YCHYL movie? GREAT movie, you can watch it online for around $5US. Very worth it. loving appreciation xxx

Anonymous said...

Boat pose is the best for abs. Yoga guru Leeann Carey says that you can even do the pose with a partner to help each other build endurance. She has a free yoga video on this that I thought your readers might like: