Friday, December 18, 2009

Aria's latest little friends

Just a quick photo post of Aria's latest bunch of Christmas and Summer friends.

The whole crowd (animals to come hopefully - I'm finding them so difficult!)
Aria loves the crystals, shells and stones just as much as the dolls.

The Archangel Gabriel brings some heavenly news!

Three three wise men - Aria seems to play with these guys the most!

Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus -  ("Bubba")

A Summer Fairie  - Christmas gift for one of Aria's little playmates.


Marnie said...

They turned out great.

Wendy said...

very sweet!

Jen said...

They are lovely! You did a marvelous job and I'm sure they will bring years of happiness to your family!

Goodenough Mama said...

Your figures are so beautiful and inspiring. I have not yet tried needle felting and I have been wanting to create a nativity scene forever. Right now we make very funny ones with my knitted gnomes and animals. Did you have a pattern/instruction set that you followed to make these? Would you be willing to share the link? Thanks again!

Tan Family said...

Your needlefelt work is amazing! What a special Nativity for your family. :)

Melissa said...

Thank you all for you lovely comments! It's so encouraging to hear such positive things about a passtime which I find amazingly addictive. Goodenough Mama, I've just posted a needle felting tutorial by Kay Petal. This is how I started:)

indigomumma said...

WOW! Melissa you are SO talented, these pieces are beautiful - ok, must add that to this years homemaking 'to learn' list - needle felting!