Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mumma and Bubba's refreshing holiday

Here is a little clip of our latest trip to Warburton. It was just Mumma and Bubba on this holiday.  Aria enjoyed singing, talking, dancing and walking for the first time. It was so beautiful to watch her develop and become increasingly free as she learns how to be comfortable in her little body and within the world. Such an enchanting little spirit.

Pitter patter...

Flapping together - amidst screams of delight!

Aria and her friend Mr. "Duh"

Mummy takes a nice long deep breath...

...and catches up on some knitting

Siberian ginseng and fennel seed tea tastes like heated up plastic when mixed together. An acquired taste!

Aria helps to sweep up with her brand new broom.

Sunny horizons

Happy little debut walker

Another magical journey.


Jen said...

She is absolutely beautiful and it's lovely how you are taking in the myriad of moments as she develops. I loved her little song :D Enjoy every minute and thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

Tan Family said...

What a lovely post! Beautiful knitting. We are going to start following your blissful blog. :)

indigomumma said...

Beautiful. I love the yarn you knitted into the beautiful cap for Aria.