Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baking day - cookie goodness!

I recently came across an absolutely awesome flourless cookie recipe from the 'whole life nutrition kitchen' blog. What a brilliant find this blog is! All gluten free recipes with a focus on healthy whole foods, sugar free, elimination diet foods, dairy free, vegan - you get the picture... I had been so stuck as to what to feed myself and Aria (Daddy eats anything), but this has certainly solved that little problem! I used ground peanuts instead of almond butter as we had a whole unused container of the stuff in the fridge and we used 'Sweet William' chocolate as it is gluten and dairy free with very little sugar in it (I couldn't find Cocao nibs and we try and steer away from conventional chocolate). They turned out absolutely delicious - not going to last very long I expect!

Aria enjoyed grinding the flax seeds with me (or really watching and imitating, she didn't actually grind them!), pouring ingredients into the bowl, mixing, eating, mushing, and basically covering herself with the yummy concoction! Our first baking day was a thorough success (despite the heat - ovens and humidity don't pair well) and I'm looking forward to next week. 

Carefully watching as Mama grinds the seeds

Eager to have a go herself!


YUM!! What a mess! (We'll work on that for next time, hehe)


And thus concludes our first baking day.


michael said...

i thougt they were very yummy - but hey, i eat anything right?

Melissa said...

Well that goes to show they MUST have been alright if someone who can eat anything at all liked them!

Linda said...

Hello Melissa,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely words... I am off to have a look at the whole life nutrition kitchen blog...

Kelly said...

Hi there,
Those cookies look delicious. It is always fun and messy baking with little ones. Our baking sessions can be rather chaotic sometimes. Once we baked a cake and the three boys were so busy licking away we hardly had anything left to bake. A really, really thin cake was the result. That nutrition kitchen blog sounds good. I will visit!
Best wishes

Wendy said...

you're a wonderful Mama!

indigomumma said...

great cookie recipe! glad yourself and Aria are having such fun in the kitchen. thanks so much for sharing xxx

Em said...

Thanks for the link - they have some great recipes. Looks like your little one had a great time baking :)