Sunday, January 10, 2010

Summer festivities

We had a very low key Christmas this year and really tried to focus on a peaceful, calm and joyous atmosphere. For the first time we celebrated christmas day at home - just the three of us! Our families were all 'otherwise engaged' so we celebrated (and had a fabulous time!) with them on alternative days. We are extremely blessed to have such a beautiful close and extended family.

 The scene is set, the night before christmas. A new table and chair (natural wooden matching chairs to come) with some exciting little packages on top. Aria had a wonderful time with Mumma splashing paint around on to brown paper to create the wrapping for all our gifts this year.

 Enthralled with her new faerie cards. The pictures are so gorgeous and she already has her favourite cards - 'vacation' and  'daughter' (funny that!) Her new wicker arm chair is in the background - she is near on obsessed with climbing up and down on this!

CRYSTALS! Her all time favourite things. Now she has her very own collection of precious stones. We also bought her some large shells. She truly is connected to nature and the elements!

Gifts from the faeries in our garden for the christmas table. 

 Everyone's favourite food - including some yummy dairy free icecream (made with Mumma's new icecream machine) for dessert...

 Aria is truly a fan of this one - Coconut milk, carob powder & agave nectar... mmmm.

Daddy's favourite is the berry sorbet - made very simply from berries, water and honey. My favourite is an icecream made from soy milk, 2eggs, really ripe apricots, 1 mango and lots of honey... heaven!!

Aria's dream bag - a gift from Auntie Kirsty (she always knows where this little girl's heart is!)

A birthday gift for our friend Lucy who had her first birthday party on new years day. This is 'Lucy the gnome' and her magic toad stool.

 Lucy's birthday party was a Myuna Farm. We had a wonderful time (except for when I thought Aria might like to hold a rabbit... apparently not!)


More holiday fun at the Botanic Gardens. Aria was captivated by the trees and lakes - so many vibrant summer blooms!

We walked passed this old fellow and Aria pointed at it very shaply and said "TREEEE" with the most serious look on her face! She was obviously quite taken aback! He certainly was majestically huge and regal.

 Aria's gift to mark the end of the festive season. I found it at a second hand market for $10. Daddy sanded and stained while Mumma made the cushion (which Aria keeps wanting to take off - it obviously doesn't go there in her mind!)

Fun playing in the sand and sea at our local beach.

 "Bird Dadda!"

"Pay" (plane) "aaaah"

This chapter of our Summer festivities is now coming to an end as Daddy goes back to work. We are now preparing for an extremely exciting change. We are busy packing, clearing out our house and envisaging life in our wonderful new nest! We are on the move to paradise...


indigomumma said...

Melissa, your Christmas celebration looks wonderful and your home looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing these lovely words and inspiring images xxx PS - I LOVE the rocking horse - great find! :)

indigomumma said...

oh, and love for your move, looking forward to seeing snaps of the new nest xxx