Monday, January 11, 2010

Beginning to needle felt

I've been asked recently if I have used patterns for my needle felting figures so I thought I'd post the tutorial (by Kay Petal) that gave me the start I needed. I began by constructing the basic shape described in this video and then added other colours of wool on top for the clothing using similar needling techniques. Kay has a fantastic blog and a whole array of needle felting tutorials on youtube. She also has a dvd and many other helpful products for sale from her 'felt alive' website


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indigomumma said...

OH WOW! this is great! thank you so much for the link. I have been trying to do some shaped needle felting, but needing some guidance, these links look great - thank you. By the way, does Kay have felted dreadlocks in her pic at the top of her blog? That is a very rad idea! MY hair is in the process of dreadlocking itself atm, thinking I may like to felt some when it all happens!