Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Summer Afternoon and Very Special Evening

Another photo heavy post... but I think a picture says so much...

Here we are preparing Aunty Holly's birthday gift on a very hot late summer afternoon. We got some more herbs for her herb garden which was started as a beautiful christmas gift by her husband, Lucas. Aria was quite engrossed in all the different shaped leaves, and she also loved splashing paint onto brown paper which we used as padding for the plants. Hopefully soon, we'll have our own homegrown organic herbs to offer!

Such hot weather has made for some wonderful water play in the back yard. Aria has also been runnig around with my handbag over her shoulder lately. She won't take her eyes off it and nearly falls over every time!

Yesterday was the anniversary of Mama and Dadda's first date! We always celegbrate this every year as it holds such siginificance for us. Michael and I met on a blind date on 22/02/02 (very much a match making date with all those 2's) which was facilitated by my sister (and doesn't she now feel so proud!). Michael had a spare ticket to a ball and needed an emergency date at the last minute... Kirsty (my sister) was friends with Michael and suggested me (and then managed to convince me to go along - I actually took a bit of coaxing. A blind date was definitely not my idea of fun - I was looking forward to curling up with my latest healing with the angels book!). So later that night my ball gown clad self was whisked up by a very gorgeous looking young man. We danced the waltz and talked like we'd always known each other. Such ease and joy filled the air. So there you have it - that's how Michael and I met. Needless to say it was a truly magical evening and we've not looked back!

As a special surprise for Daddy, Aria and I squeezed some oranges and made his favourite treat... sorbet. Yum!

Aria enjoyed the left over bits of orange... skin and all!

Not looking so hapy with that orange peel now!

We collected some greenery on our walk for a special wreath to adorn the centre of the romantically lit dinner table.

Our orange and cocnut milk sorbet was a hit!

Another enchanting and love-filled 22/02/02 evening was had by all.


indigomumma said...

Oh WOW! How beautiful. I love the orange sorbet. It looks yum. Would love the recipe. Your canvas seems to be taking on some beautiful creative strokes in the background I notice! :) I love the determination in the look of Aria (in the pic where she is propped against the back verandah table) as she tears into those orange shells. Happy first date anniversary to yourself and Michael, such a beautiful meeting story xxx


Oh, your photos are wonderful. I think your daughter and my daughter are little bohemian soul mates! Your daughter just exudes a free spirited, fierce and beautiful charm---and, I love her style! Glad to meet you here in cyberspace.

Kelly said...

I love the picture of your daughter and her friend the chicken nearby.