Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

We have so much to be grateful for this week yet again! I'm constantly in awe of my magical little family and how beautiful life is while sharing it with those you love. Here are some things that I'm especially grateful for this Sunday...

A blank canvas... the possibilities!

Sunday afternoon in the garden

 Our newest family member... "Buk Buk"

A new little friend for Aria. So many gasps, wide eyed stares and 'buk buk' noises today!

Our Faerie Garden is taking shape... some flowers are just so enchanting!

Dada and Bubba time. They share such a beautiful relationship, it's very touching...

Second hand stores that sell the most gorgeous little wooden dishes, and the local sunday market where precious little girls dresses abound!

Valentines day festivities, red, and a thoughtful husband who treated Mama to her favourite dessert :)

I'm also extremely grateful this week for a new sense of peace that has entered our lives since we have moved to our new nest. I'm thriving in our new environment - taking Aria for walks in the Koala reserve, saying hello to the cows, horses, sheeps. ducks, dogs and birds - chasing a certain little one along the beach (she loves it SO much!) and meeting friendly, kind people every day who I am gradually getting to know as time goes by.
I could go on and on about all the things I am grateful for, but I thought I'd just write about what is foremost in my heart today. A lovely valentines day with a beautiful family - what more could you ask for?


Kelly said...

Such meaningful pictures and how great to have chickens. It sounds as if you live in a beautiful area.

indigomumma said...

melissa, your new place looks so wonderful. i love the soakers, the colours are amazing and your knitting is beautiful. thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I love the gratitude you have for the wonderful new nest your family is in and the beauty that surrounds you. your place seems just wonderful.

indigomumma said...

oh - ps; I LOVE the new blog layout/images - looks great! :) xxx

Melissa said...

Thanks for the lovely comments :) I certainly am loving the new area we live in - can you tell?? It's wonderful to receive such encouraging words - thanks again, xx