Friday, February 12, 2010

New Autumn Bum Soakers

Today I finished some new bum soakers for Aria in autumny colours.  I have absolutely fallen in love with warm colours lately for the very first time. (This may be to do with the fact that I'm living far more 'seasonally' these days.)

The cool breeze of march is slowly inching it's way into our days and Aria is fast outgrowing all of my previous bum soaker experiments.

She is loving imitating everything I do at the moment, so I whipped out a falied experiment and a large plastic needle for her to play with as I sewed up her new woolen undies. She had to climb up and sit on the sofa just like Mama before proceeding to examine the task at hand.

We have been putting on a pair of woollens over all of Aria's nappies as they have recently started to leak a fair bit. I invested in a number of 'itti bitti' snappy nappies not long after Aria was born and they have been wonderful. No bulk like the pocket ones, lovely and soft hemp/bamboo inserts and very easy to wash and dry. However, as she has gotten older and bigger they haven't been absorbent enough - so to prevent leaks these little pants are wonderful. You only have to wash them once every three weeks or so (you also need to air them out after every nappy change and soak them in a lanolin mixture every once in a while to restore the natural protective coating), they don't smell at all (make sure they're completely 100% untreated wool though), they breathe in the heat and are warm in the cooler months, they are so soft, all natural and they hold up to 40% of their weight in moisture before feeling damp.

This is the pattern I have ended up using over and over. I have a number of other patterns, but this is the one I keep coming back too as it's so easy and quick.

No doubt I'll need to knit many more if today is anything to go by... I thought we'd walk home along the beach after we did our daily mail pick-up from the general store. I totally underestimated just how much this child loves the "seeeeeeeeeeeeaa". She went bounding straight for the water complete with shoes, woollen tights/dress/bum soakers and all!! (Much to the amusement of an elderly couple walking by - her joy was completely contagious). So even though they absorb a seemingly endless amount of liquid - I'm afraid they just didn't cut it today! Both Mama and Bubba were completely soaked, but later on this made for some scrumptiously cosy cuddles after climbing into dry warm clothes.


Kelly said...

How I love wool soakers too and have used lots with our older babes. I have been knitting up lots for our new babe due soon. I really love the warm, rich colours you chose - beautiful!

Tan Family said...

Gorgeous colors! You are quite a knitter. How wonderful that you make soakers for your little one. :)

Melissa said...

Tyhanks Kelly and Tan fanily :) We really couldn't live without our bum soakers!

Em said...

Gorgeous soaker - I love the colours :)