Saturday, October 10, 2009

First little whiff of Christmastime

We've all been noticing that the lavender plants surrounding our house have prolificaly sprouted over the past few months. I thought this would be a great opportunity to make some lavender pouches to include in our Christmas hampers this year. Aria loved picking them all with me and putting them in our basket. She let out a scrumptious giggle with each new addition to our pile. What a lovely, scented way to spend a glorious blue-skied day! Now that we've picked it all comes the trickier task of teaching myself how to sew some little cotton pouches. So many things to learn...

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indigomumma said...

beautiful! so very glad you are having an amazing time exploring the world with your little angel. being a mother is just such a divinely wonderful experience! :) your pictures and idea is very inspiring - thank you for sharing.

Although we will have to find a lavendar bush to pick from, our lavendar is a tiny wee starter plant. When we moved into the cottage at the farm, there was a massive lavendar bush covered in gorgeous scented blooms on our side garden under the kitchen window, I was so excited, I had always struggled to grow lavendar... but then our land lords (who live on the same block) took it to plant in their new garden??? :( so of course I had to replace it with a little wee one that someday will bear the blooms of beauty to follow your inspiring craft idea! :)