Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going within

With all the activity of daily life and the constant stream of thoughts going on inside my head, sometimes I forget that everything truly is perfect. On a soul level, everything is in it's right place for that moment in time. It is often so easy for me to get caught up in overthinking, perfectionism, grief and dissapointment. This is why I've decided to place extra emphasis this week on taking the time to go within. My spirit is calling for some peace and a renewed love centred perspective. Here's to a beautiful week ahead.

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indigomumma said...

Beautifully said Melissa. A gentle reminder for us all to be mindful and grateful for what is within our experience and where our journey is currently traveling through. Everything is always in divine and perfect order - but that is sometimes hard to see and remember!

Have you read the book 'Buddhism for Mothers' by Sarah Napthali? Here is a link to the book and general description of the content. You do not have to be Buddhist as such to enjoy the book, I am not and I enjoyed it greatly. I grew alot from reading it and it gave me some great inspiration. With love xxx