Friday, March 26, 2010

Autumn Equinox Birthday

Another birthday has been and gone with the flavour of such a huge year of growth on the tip of my tongue... I was born on the Autumn equinox and use this time each year to reflect on where I'm at and where I want to be - to be truly grateful and to go within. I guess lots of people may feel that this sort of thing comes more naturally to them over the new year period, but for me I'm still engrossed in the kind of energetic outpouring which is so easily coupled with the heat of Summer. By the time my birthday comes around each year the journey into the cooler months has most certainly begun and it is time for some inner cosying up. This year I chose to take full advantage of the thinning veil between this world and the others which is so often celebrated at equinox. I also focused on the notion of 'balance' by drawing inspiration from the equal balance between day/night that occurs as the sun passes over the equator on this day each year. I took some time to re-assess and re-focus my intentions with a refreshed purpose and energy.There is definitely so much for me to appreciate in my life and I was also inspired to pay particular attention to the beauty of the now. My family helped me to do this very thing as we gathered together to celebrate...

I started off the celebration the night before by attempting my first NT recipe. It was DELICIOUS! Vanilla barvarian dessert with blueberry (supposed to be blackberry) sauce. Mmmmmmnnnn

 I made some time for some of my favourite things - sewing, knitting, footbath with oils and magnesium salts, reading and all on my new gift - a rocking chair! I've wanted one of these since I was a kid! I remember Mum having one when I was a little girl - now I'm a Mum myself with my very own rocking chair too... aaaw :)

We had our very first festival with the local Steiner Co-op. What great timing and such a beautiful way to spend the day. We made autumn wreaths amidst heart warming song and stories. Delightful!

Mama is incredibly grateful for all the amazing new friendships that are blossoming.

And Dada got to come along too and see what this lovely community is all about.

A pine and eucalyptus scented walk while singing goodbye to summer and welcoming the autumn days.

 Would you accept cake from this face??

 Absolutely! A warm and tasty end to a beautiful day and a rather eventful year :)

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Tan Family said...

Happy Birthday! What an amazing way to spend such an important day. I really enjoyed reading this post. The Steiner co-op looks like a special place to be.