Thursday, March 18, 2010

Laughter, Gnomes and Renewal

This week we've had the typical crazy Melbourne weather. It has been obtrusively hot and humid one day and wintery cold the next! I guess on the other hand you could say that we've had the best of both worlds - the cosy snuggles while the rain is pouring outside, and the beachy days with warm nights gazing at the sunset...
After a long ride on the back of Mama's bike, it's always a good idea to let loose on the climbing equipment!

Jumping, climbing stairs and clambering up the frames are my little one's most smile-inducing activities right now. I love this adventurous spirit of the newly mobile child - still finding her way into her body with so much laughter as it happens.

Watching the sun set on a particularly hot and sultry evening. Will this girl ever tire of the beach? I truly hope not.

Big cuddles, fresh water and lazing around while looking at the rainbowed heavens... could there be any better lullaby?

Aria's new little gnome family are silently awaiting to be introduced to her on Easter. (Little does she know of the plans they are concocting and of all the adventures they will have together). These are made using your average laundry pegs which I chopped of at different lengths and sanded. They stand up well with their cloaks acting as a balancing aid. The pattern for the felt clothes is on my last WIP post  ... I won't be able to fit them into the felted eggs as planned though, so will have to think of something else for those little treasure chests!

I managed to finish these little booties and fell in love! I've decided I need some Mama sized ones. The pattern for these is also on the last WIP blog post that I mentioned above.

I've had to cut back a little on my crafting over the last week. I'm going through a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul in order to get some relief from my CF/Fibromyalgia which has been getting worse. I'm embarking on the NT (nourishing traditions) diet and some other therapies. I'll keep you posted as to how it all goes - hopefully I'll have the energy to write a more detailed post on what I've been looking at. It's all very enlightening, and while it can be daunting and discouraging to have to move through such a debilitating condition, it is also quite exciting and rewarding knowing that I'm truly grwoing out of the old and into the now. 

The NT diet is a huge step for me as I've been a stict vegetarian for so long and am now facing the idea of eating meat (!!) in order to heal (organic and local). It has been highly reccomended to me by some dear friends and after reading up about this style of eating, it really seems to make a lot of sense. This is a massive change! I've been using a lot of time and energy researching possible options (my evenings have been mostly spent with my nose planted in books), so I'm taking a little time out here and there to give myself over to this process. Wish me luck!


Tan Family said...

Adorable pictures! Love the gnomes and the cute booties. You definitely need some mama-sized ones!

softearthart said...

What lovely pictures, best of luck with your diet change,often things come towards one for a reason, one reads something and it resounds with one,for a reason. Love and light Marie

Jamie Love said...

i've found nt to be incredibly healing from my own struggles with crohns... meat is crucial in balance...this coming from a 5yr strict raw vegan ;)

best wishes! n love the booties!


I always love your photographs. Been thinking about making some little gnomes, thanks for the inspiration!

Melissa said...

Wow Jamie! That really must've been a huge change for you. You really couldn't get any more opposite than being a raw vegan! I'm noticing quite a few differences already which is a pleasant surprise :) Tackled my first recipe from the book tonight... can't wait to sit down to eat it in a few minutes!

Tan Family - I'll have to see if my frazzled head can cope with the maths involved in adapting the pattern for big Mama hooves:) I've got so many projects for other people, but maybe I'll make a point of doing this one for myself:)

Thanks for those soothing words Marie - it definitely feels like this change is how it's meant to be for me right now. I'm really excited about it.

CM - you'll have to post some photos of the gnomes if you decide to do them! I'd love to see another version with all your usual beautiful choices in colours no doubt!

mamapoekie said...

The NT diet, is that like the primal and paleo diets then?
Best of luck anyway!

Wendy said...

when I saw the little booties I also got those "fuzzy wuzzy widdle baby feeling"! I also want to say that I am certain my whole family is healthier since I started using NT. Hope it helps you.

Kelly said...

It is always such a treasure seeing little newly mobile children exploring their world. How blessed you are to live near the sea. The booties are just too sweet. Best wishes with your diet change - a big time of change for you. We follow the NT diet too.

Jen said...

I've been enjoying your blog posts! Best of luck with your dietary changes and the gnomes did turn out so cute. Your daughter is going to have such a magical childhood with how you are raising her!