Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WIP wednesday

I've been enjoying utilising my fidgety tendencies of late and chanelling them into these projects...

The beginnings of some longer warmer thicker nappy soakers for Aria's autumnal behind. I'm going to knit them to about 3/4 length and crochet some little frills around the bottom to give the legs a flared look. I'm using this pattern as a basic guide to go by.

As part of Aria's Easter basket, I thought I'd add a nice warm hat each year. She has grown out of her last pixie hat, so I thought I'd knit her a brand spankin' new one using this pattern with a groovy button to brighten it up.

A new rainbow vesty-cardy thing for my snuggly rainbow child.

Some teensy weensy booties for the very newest member of our family. Michael's cousin has just given birth to a gorgeous little baby girl -'India Lily'. I forgot just how tiny newborns are and am getting all those fuzzy wuzzy widdle baby feelings!

These wet felted easter eggs are in need of some major reinforcements along the openings.When they're done they will house a set of autumn gnomes made out of the felt in this picture (I love these colours and the pure wool hand dyed felt feels so soft) and some wooden pegs. This will make up the bulk of our Easter egg hunt this year, as I'm not interested in having chocolate eggs or anything like that. I'm hoping that all the bright colours will stand out and make these eggs easy for little 20mth old eyes to see. I stole the idea from a very creative mama who also provides a link to a tutorial for these.

As I write this I have an old t-shirt of mine sitting in the water of boiled onion skins in preparation to become a knotted dolls head. Aria is starting to show an interest in dolls, so I thought I'd begin my doll making adventures with something simple and made out of re-purposed materials (an old tablecloth will become her body). I'm using these directions from this site where there are a number or wonderful doll tutorials and patterns.

And last, but not least, this painting is slowly evolving out of the few little corners of spare time I have every now and then. It's been difficult to get a flow going as I really just need a whole weekend or something to absorb myself in it (yeah right!). I'm sure I'll get there eventually! It's also pretty huge which is adding to the prolonged state of affairs. In our the lounge room of our new home there is a very very large recess for the purpose of wall mounting a ginormous plasma screen t.v. (I think I've mentioned this before maybe?) Hopefully this will add some extra warmth to the house as all the walls are white and we need a bit of colour. I've been a bit worried that the colours and size may be too overwhelming for little eyes, but now I just want to get it finished!

On that note, I'll leave you all to enjoy your own crafty projects (all the blogs I've been looking at are amazingly creative and inspiring to say the least!)



Shar Lawrence said... are one talented girl Melissa!! Everything on your blog is just divine, I love the felted eggs what a fantastic idea for Easter and your painting is beautiful!! Hopefully some of your crafty creativity will rub off in my direction Thursday mornings ;) xoxoxo

nocton4 said...

stunning post, such gorgeous photos


Such a talented mama. Glad you decided to try the felted eggs---post some photos when you are finished!

softearthart said...

Hi Great listing in this blog post, full of love and light and creative mummy doings . cheers Marie

Em said...

Gorgeous projects - love your painting - much better than a massive tele! :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments:) I've had a lot of fun discovering that I actually DO like knitting and all the rest (I used to hate it as a child - not patient enough I think, lol). I'll definitely post some photos of the eggs when they're all done CM:) xxx

Sausage Mama said...

Ohhh YOU are an inspiration!

Tan Family said...

Wow! So much inspiration going on in your lovely home. The painting is really beautiful. Love the felted eggs and all of the knitting!

Kelly said...

Love all that creativity flowing! Beautiful vibrant colours.