Monday, March 8, 2010

A snippet of our week

I managed to finish a little more knitting this week - although I still have so many projects on my needles that aren't yet finished. I can't ever seem to do just one thing and then move on to the next - it has to be everything at once! This little cardi nearly had this novice knitter going cross eyed - I swear knitting is good for the brain. Here is the pattern I used. At the moment I have started a pair of long soakers which are so incredibly soft, a pixie bonnet for Aria's easter basket - it was supposed to be for our new little cousin, but turned out too big so I've started some bootees for little India Lily instead.

Other projects on the go are some wet felted easter eggs, a set of autumn coloured gnomes to go inside the eggs for an egg hunt on easter sunday, a huge painting for our living room (to fill a recess designed to wall mount a great big plasma t.v - since we're not watchers of the box, I thought I'd dust off my paints), the begininnings of an organic vegie patch, the invitations for my sister's wedding and Aria's very first doll (a knot doll). I'll include pictures and links to the patterns as I finish each thing. I love putting my fidgety tendencies to good use!

You may not be able to tell from this shot as it's quite blury, but Aria was flitting about like a wee ballerina on our walk. She loved this little area - so many curious things to behold!

A friend of mine speaks of discovering 'fairy carpet' as the cooler weather approaches and I just love the images this conjures up! We found some too! Some lovely soft green gnomes carpet - laid just in time to keep them warm as the days grow cooler...

A curly whirly Dr Suess tree!

Aria sang her very first song... it sounded so sweet... the words: "Pooooo ooo oo p poooos." Yes, poo has kind of dominated our week this week!

Droplets from the heavens. Some welcome refreshment!

We went to visit our little friend, Sunday, who showed us all the animals at her place...Including a snake! Aria's a braver girl than I! Sunday and her Mum look after lots of animals and gave us our own personal tour. Lots of fun!



love your blog

Kimmie said...

I love hearing about your cooler days just as ours are finally beginning to warm up after what seemed an interminable winter. :)