Monday, November 2, 2009

How we celebrated Halloween in Spring

I thought I'd put some photos up here and follow up on my preparations for Halloween post from a few weeks ago. Due to prior commitments, we needed to celebrate a day early this year (on the Friday instead of the Saturday), so things were slightly abbreviated but magical just the same!

This is our first little festival (outside of Christmas and Easter) that we have incorporated into our family life, and I was pleasantly amazed by just how exciting the lead up to the big day actually was! There was definitely a festive vibe in the air and a very light and bright atmosphere around the house. I really appreciated the extra joy,activity  and warmth that was facilitated by the creative spirit we all injected into the 'in breath' (or lead up) to our big day. My gorgeous family also got right into the spirit of what we were trying to achieve - it was just lovely! There were Faeries, a gnome, some pixies, the god of lightning and some cheery spring colours worn by those in the family who decided to remain human for the night, (hehe). There were many moments during the evening where I felt myself pausing and observing the positive energy that pervaded the surroundings. It was so easy to absorb this effortless overflowing of love and family spirit - just by being there and by being present. This, for me, is what it's all about and what we wanted to create for our little Aria.


These are some of the beautiful flowers that filled the house with their spring fragrance.

One of our spring stars, which we had hoped to see more of on our lantern walk...

Daddy's first ever bees wax carving of Persephone on our seasonal candle.

I was incredibly uplifted by the atmosphere of abundance we had all created together. Everyone contributed a dish and some spring produce/crafts (which were later divided up and given to each family unit in a special spring harvest basket to be reused each year).

The giving spirit of family for each to take home.

Spring wishes and inspirational quotes for all to read helped direct our focus to the seasonal theme of renewal and growth.

Our beachside lantern walk was transofmed into a rather exhilerating experience by the wind, thunder, lightning and rain. We all had to laugh as my Brother in law (to be) came dressed as the Chinese god of lightning. Boy did he show off! Those paper lanterns didn't stand a chance! He sure knew how to provide some spectacular scenery though!

We'll all look forward to what gifts our little Halloween festival will bring to us next year.


michael said...

Divine photography my devine faerie princess.

Flowers said...

Thank for giving tips on celebrating Halloween in Spring. Like the way you have filled your house with fragrance from the beautiful flowers.

indigomumma said...

Beautiful celebration Melissa. Wonderful candle carving Michael! :) You are both beautiful parents. I love your window star. Do you have the window star book or do you have a link to an online instruction source, I would love it if you have any online links if you could share them. Thank you xxx