Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A perspective of gratitude

Boy does a little gratitidue go a long way! Talk about a snowball effect - it's contagious (much like the glandular fever I've had for months, hehe!) I've had some beautiful conversations with family this week. I have a lovely, supportive and understanding family and in those times when I've found my way back to my little dark place I often give my Dad a call and always come away with a deeper perspective on things. I have been reflecting this week on how wonderful it is to have parents who I both love talking to in different ways. After my conversation with Dad I recieved a lovely surprise in the mail - Tori Amos's new c.d 'Midwinter Graces' along with a really thoughtful note designed to help spur on a little kick of energy.  Such generosity of spirit. I love the c.d - well I love anything 'tori', but this is just beautiful; a collection of seasonal songs, celebrating the coming of light and the renewal that the festive season brings. It also has a kind of 'pagan' flavour to it. I've also had the pleasure of spending some time with my gorgeous sister, Kirsty, who is always so sweet and caring in her own special gentle way. Aria is also her biggest fan - I'm sure they've got a strong soul connection.

We had some great healing time looking at amber crystals and I picked up a little book 'the crystal children' by Doreen Virtue. I've become more sensitive to and understanding of Aria's sensitivities and beautiful crystal energy as a result of this book. What special gifts this generation of children are bringing to the world! Aria is extremely clingy at the moment, and I've made a decision to stop worrying so much about the future and what will happen if I let her cling to me all the time and give her just as much boobie as she likes. My presence is obviously extremely important to her at the moment and probably very grounding for such a dreamy little soul and especially in light of the fact that there is so much going on in her world that she doesn't understand. She also doesn't have the ability to filter out any of it as children absorb everything equally until they have more of a context within which to place things. (boy, I think I'd go quite mad and cling to someone or something if I didn't have my selective hearing in place sometimes!)

This week I also discovered Aria's paradise. It's the beach! What a little water baby! I've never heard singing that was such beautiful music to my ears (I'm not a biased mummy at all... ;) no...) She LOVED floating in the water as we rythimically swayed and she kept looking up at me with her big sparkling eyes and letting out the most contented little sighs interpersed with pure and soft melodies. I felt the energy around the two of us just lift as we spent each morning this week cycling in the sun to the sparkly lilac and aqua dream of our local beach. I even managed to do some yoga in the shallows while Aria happily climbed all over me. I think this is where we'll be most of the summer. It is truly amazing considering Aria has been so tense and wound up, crying and squirming for the majority of the day no matter what I did. At the beach she has a completely different experience and I sense that she really needs this right now.

Kirsty came to the rescue once again when she offered to take her soul sister for the afternoon so that Mummy and Daddy could have some alone time. We've been extra conscious this week of spending time together in order to nurture our relationship. This has been so easily missed over the past few months with all the busy happenings of everyday life and illness etc. We are trying to get back on the 'same page' as we feel this is of the utmost importance. We need to have a common goal for our family. It was actually really exciting and energising to be discussing what dreams we both have for our family, our marriage and for ourselves. I was greatly inspired by this radio broadcast and this wonderful be a beacon programme. We've decided to talk like this on a weekly basis and to each do some inner work every day - (even if it is just reflecting on a paragraph of inspiring words for 5mins - Michael in particular finds this idea much less daunting than meditating or reading heavily). For our afternoon together we travelled further down the peninsula - about a 45 min trip - and had an exhilerating but soothing walk beneath slow rain drops through the enormous gum trees surrounding Shoreham beach. We are so grateful for the rain with the drought going on and especially as we head in to bush fire season. It was just glorious...



I have been simply awestruck at times this week with the abundance of things I am grateful for. I don't know how I can do justice to these feelings in writing. Our smiles speak for themselves. I've also been reminded by a dear and wise friend that the world hasn't changed at all - the only thing that has been altered is my perspective. The world is still the same old place, but this week, it has looked amazingly different through my eyes.


Theresa Malloy said...

What a beautiful blog. Aria is going to love hearing these thoughts when she is older. You truely are and always have been such a gifted writer. Thanks for the inspiring words.

indigomumma said...

Beautiful words Melissa. And beautiful pics. You are so wise to be mindful of time in nature when Aria is feeling a little 'highly spirited'. We have a very dear family friend who is a spiritual healer, and she once said to me that these children of the new earth (crystals, indigo, rainbows) quite literally need to be 'grounded' some times. So literally taking the child outside and just putting the child on the Earth and the energy just instantly changes, it's like they are saying 'AH - THANK you mumma, FINALLY!' It's amazing, I think being of these spiritual energies ourselves as well, it is also so important for us to have this 'grounding' time. I definitely notice a huge energy shift when I feel a little 'disconnected' to take some time to just be with the earth and amongst nature. You are a dear friend, that I, energetically, feel very strongly connected to, as we journey through very similar experiences in our paths. Thank you for everything wonderful that you are and the inspiration that you share xxx