Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some new friends

Aria has some new friends this week. When she wakes up and visits her special table each morning, she see's a new friend has appeared over night and has come to play with her.

Aria loves her shells that we collected on one of our very long nature walks at the beach in Shoreham. She didn't want to stop walking, and would squat down to pick up each shell that caught her eye. She was pointing at the sand the whole way and saying 'sea, sea' (we had been singing a song about the sea).


We also picked up some other fascinating goodies this week from mother nature.

So much to touch, smell, see, hear, feel and experience.

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indigomumma said...

Aria is having such a wonderfully nourishing childhood - you are a fantastic mumma. I love the pinecones still attached to the branch. We found a piece like this years ago on a golf course in the Hunter - I made it into a candelabra - I was so inspired by the form of the pinecones still attached to the branch, I just had to do something with it! xxx