Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks...

I haven't had enough energy to write for a couple of weeks, so just thought I'd post a quick little photo update of the happenings round here.

We had a great time in Warburton for Matt and Carol's wedding. It's always great to get out amongst some nice fresh natural surroundings. We now have a strong hankering to get ourselves back there some time soon for some serious R&R!

absorbing nature



New perspectives

Cabbage-dyed singlets in process

 The finished products

My first (VERY rough!) attempt at dry felting. Aria now has a family to play with (the Daddy is on his way!) I can't wait to get right in to doing more little dolls. It was so much fun and such a quick process. I have christmas angels and magical summer faeries in mind. Maybe a nativity scene too? Then will come all our relatives...

The magic carpet in Aria's kitchen. We've been finding over past little while that we have completely outgrown our current nest. The outdoor space is very limited (to say the least), so while our perfect abode is manifesting we've been getting a little more creative. This is Aria's new outdoor kitchen area on our back porch. I picked up some wooden bowls and utensils from a local op shop and also discovered a little pre-loved cupboard to hold all her nick nacks. Today she became absorbed in stirring aound and rearranging pasta shells, walnut shells, sea shells and acorns in her bowls. She also washed her dishes in her little wading pool (while drinking the 'dish water') and had a wonderful time positioning her carpet. There looks to be room for a sand pit - with lots of space for painting too. Fun!

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indigomumma said...

YAY! So excited that as I read this post, I know that your new abode has manifested it's way into your life. Congratulations on your wonderful positive creation. I LOVE the cabbage dyeing, I am so interested to do some natural dyeing this year - do you have some links you can share?