Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter was...

It has taken me a little time to post about our Easter goings on as we have been extremely blessed with the company of family at our place over the past week. It's been lovely to see everyone as these moments are becoming increasingly precious due to us living further away now than before.

Our Easter wreath - made from flowers and foliage found surrounding our home and some 'strawberry fields'  flowers picked up from our local market. I thought this all fit in really well considering the traditional Easter colours are red, green and gold (I remember reading this somewhere recently). Also had a very autumnal feel to it - especially when lit up with a candle in the centre.

 Mama's very own special Easter flower: a gift during a break from walking around the Red Hill Market.

Our special story in action

Hanging on every word!

Collecting painted eggs was blissful and giggly fun:)

 Following the Easter Hare's magic trail makes tracking down thos eggs extra exciting.

 Must make time for a quick nose pick!

 Found the Easter basket hidden under a tree! Ooooh!!

Lots of intriguing gifts left by that sneaky Hare!

Some new little friends

Chatting away to Gnomey

 Some very awesomely cool new knitteds care of a very talented Nanna!
Did I mention how much we LOVE this little combo?

 Many beautiful moments were shared.

 Hmmmnn... 'sigh'

 Easter walk to the beach. Lookin' very snazzy in thoses shades! Some of us chose to walk hand in hand while chatting...

 ...While others chose to walk in peaceful solitude:)

Such a beautiful day for chasing waves...

and kite watching!

Easter was a magical time for us with many family members coming to visit. So many laughs, hugs and conversations were shared. A time for renewal, enchantment, warmth, colour, abundance, love, joy, kindness not to mention a massive feast as well!


Lisa said...

Melissa, it all looks enchanting, enjoy your bliss! Warmly, Lisa in Vermont (USA)


It all looks so beautiful and full of love!

Catherine said...

What a magical festival you have created for you little Aria! Love the nose pick pĥoto!!

Sarah Cornett said...

Love the picture of Aria looking up at her Nanna. Peace, Sarah (sajalu)