Sunday, April 11, 2010

Children and nature awareness month challenge

I've decided to take part in the children and nature awareness month challenge. It's a wonderful and inspiring way of encouraging each other to get out there in nature and enjoy! What a great idea - and so important! If you'd like to be a player in the challenge, all you have to do is post a photo of your child playing in nature each day and link back to the above post at the '5 orange potatoes' blog spot.

For todays entry I just couldn't resist posting another shot of Aria basking in the twighlight sun with Dadda (there's another shot of her sunshine-frolicking a post or two before this). She was looking up the tall gum trees for Koalas and languidly stretching in the warm autumn sun. Delicious!


5orangepotatoes said...

I would be looking for cutie koalas too if we had them! She's a little cutie.

thanks for spreading the word about the challenge.


softearthart said...

Another beautiful shot, cheers Marie

Jen said...

Lovely! Your babe is just so precious!

I wanted to also let you know that I left you a "Beautiful Blogger" award at my site :D Just loving your posts!