Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nature awareness month challenge - our local beach

Today Aria and I trotted off to our back yard beach as we often do. It was lovely to capture some of these moments on camera - I usually wouldn't have taken quite so many shots, but this challenge has me inspired!

First we came across some curious looking trees...

 Perfect for peeking through...

and an impromptu tea party (as well as a climbing frame/obstacle course!)

Nearby was a huge pile of mulch - great to climb up and then slide down (on your backside!)
Then came the beach! It was what Aria had excitedly been waiting for all day!

 Oooh! Now we have a pile of sand to slide on.

Up and down the hill - look at all those footprints! Up and down, up and down...

 Contemplating the little dip

 Hello old tree

 Time for some shoes off action - none of this pussyfooting around!

 Twinkle toes in the sparkly sea


Sea Horse!

 And a flower for Mama

Now time to walk home and hop in the car to pick up our vegie box... Brrrm Brrrmmm

Peace xx



I love all of the photos, the top three are my favs!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much:) We LOVE our beach (as I'm sure you can understand judging by your photos!)xx

indigomumma said...

WOW! Wonderful pics. I'm a lots of pics person (if you couldn't tell from the mountains of pics in my posts! hehehehe), so I love all the images. They're great. I love the pure joy in Aria's face on the 'shoes off' pic. How's the veggie box going? Hope your enjoying it. We made the vanilla bavarian desert again last night! YUM! :)

Heart Felt said...

These photographs are just stunning ~ you have made my day. Thank-you! xx