Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Today I discovered I've been given a 'Beautiful Blogger' award by the lovely and inspiring Jen at This has really made my day! Quoting Jen... 'Every momma should be made to feel beautiful inside and out' - and I couldn't agree more - what a lovely way to pass on some cyber lovin':) I love the little community of bloggers I've been blessed to come into contact with. This is such a wonderful medium and a rather important one I feel for Mothers in particular, as it can be so difficult to find others of like mind in our geographical communities. This award has reminded me of the precious support and love that so frequently accompanies this blogging world. I'm so grateful!

Those who receive this award are asked to choose 15 bloggers to pass it on to, and then to share 7 things about themselves, so here goes...

(in no particular order)

Ariella at shares the most beautiful summery photos of her homeschooling adventures with her son and daughter. I am always so inspired by the gorgeous crafts and the love that emanates from her page:)

This is an absolutely awesome blog/magazine that I love sitting down to read with a hot cup of herbal tea

'Sausage Mama' at is so full of fun and life. I just love the energy that she puts into all her posts - so sunny!

What can I say about ? Pure beauty, art and a deep sense of peace strikes me whenever I visit Marie's blog. Really very touching!

I love all the crafty ideas at

The ultimate in inspiration for me is definitely Elke's amazingly beautiful blog at I always come away from her posts feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of love, energy, wonder and joy for life and my journey here at home with Aria.

Some awesome crafts and warmth here at 

I love hearing of the beautiful adventures here at Such love and enthusiasm for one gorgeous little girl.

I'm always inspired by the nourishing recipes and gluten free ideas here
These yummy dishes certainly make my gluten-free life a little easier!

Some absolutely invaluable insights are found here I'm really grateful to Carrie for all the time and effort she takes to lovingly pen such useful, relevant and supportive articles. So important for all us Mamas!

A truly inspirational Waldorf schooling bog There is a wealth of experience here with this awesome and encouraging husband and wife team!

I'm always grateful for the insightful and valuable posts here I'm constantly aspiring to live more simply and it's blogs such as this that help me keep my focus in this nutty world!

Ooooooh I can't wait to get my hands on the some the materials here and make Aria her first real doll! Sarah's dolls are just gorgeous - and she is here in OZ!

I love popping in to Jamie's blog - I feel so close to her and like we share many things in common even though we are at opposite ends of the globe! A real sense of quirky fun and some hip mother attitude strikes me when I read her posts:)

I find Kristies amazing work at her 'earthschooling' blog  to be of infinite value in my journey. I'm extremely grateful for her generously comprehensive efforts  here and the amount of time and love spent on all her on line ventures:) You truly help so many Mamas Kristie!

After reading over this post, I've realised that I've missed out one incredibly beautiful blogger (insert embarrassed looking face here)- so I'm going to adapt the rules and add a 16th  to this list! Catherine at (catherine and the fairies) always shares the most beautifuly warm photos of her homeschooling/farm adventures in Quebec with her three gorgeous girls. I am always so inspired by her motivation to live a self sufficient life and by her intelligent and loving insights. Thankyou Catherine for all your support as well :)

Now, just quickly, 7 things about myself that you may not know...

1) As part of a bachelor of music at University, I studied Ethnomusicology, Philosophy and Anthropology and LOVED it!
2) I grew up in a small town in Taranaki, New Zealand.
3) I have moved around 30 times!
4) I play the Piano and Flute and love to sing and write music
5) I love to play the Gamelan (Indonesian gong-chime orchestra)
6) I spent many an hour of my teenage years with headphones on listening to Tori Amos
7) I used to drink and smoke (like it was air) and have now been joyously sober for over 3yrs:):):)

Thankyou for reading, and don't forget to pass on the love!


Catherine said...

Melissa, I am so excited to discover some new blogs! I am especially grateful to have discovered this one:

It will be so useful for me!


Thank you for the honor Melissa! I really love your blog and truly appreciate you mentioning me. Such a great community of mamas in this blog world---we need to have a convention one day where we all meet up!
xoxoxo Ariella

Melissa said...

Aren't there just so many wonderful blogs out there! I could've kept adding more all night! (but I was getting rather deliriously tired by about number 10!)I so wish I had remembered to add your beautiful blog! - in fact I'm going to add a #16 now and break the rules! hehe

Ali said...

Thank you Melissa for the beautiful blogger award! ;)

Looks like you have a wonderful blog - excited to page through it now. Thanks! -Ali :)

Sausage Mama said...

Wow, I'm gobsmacked, thank you. Your comment has reminded me I need to get back to my sunny side, I'm a little weary after some time on the dark side!

You know, I would totally pass on the beautiful blogger award to you again...but that would be cruel to have to make you come up with another 16, right?

Thanks again, you've made my night :0)