Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's cowl and hanging around season!

I've become just a wee bit obsessed with the cowl of late. I've only recently come across them and I'm in love. Ladies in my family beware... if you are having a birthday soon, a cowl is likely to be coming your way!

 My first attempt at both. A cowl and a beanie (adapted from this pattern) for the beautiful Aunty 'Sisty' (Kirsty) who just had her birthday. The cowl was such a pleasure to knit using the softest alpaca/merino blend.

I decided Mama needed one too...

 ...which can also be worn over the head to keep the chill off those ears. I found this pattern was so easy to memorise which made for a couple of very relaxing evenings on the couch by candle light.

 Aria's been wearing the latest one as a beanie/headband.

We've been collecting pine cones to include in our bonfire for Dadda's upcoming 30th birthday. He would like a grey/charcoal version of this to wear as a beanie/headband around the windy beach.

Lots of interesting insects to behold!

And in other news...

In keeping with our 'Great outdoor challenge' (see previous posts), I thought I'd post a few moments from our time in nature over the last few days. I'm struggling a wee bit to post a photo each day so this is my way of catching up.

We've been hanging around...

...which is very hot work, so down to the undies!

And again:)

Aria has this funny game that she enjoys all by herself. She'll find a bit of wood, throw it and then run and grab it (kind of like playing 'fetch' with herself). It keeps her quite entertained, lol :) It's so beautiful to watch her running around with wild abandon and her hair blowing in the wind on such a huge expanse of grass - I find there is such a profoundly unique sense of connection, freedom and 'aliveness' that eminates from children when they are allowed to run free in nature. Music for the soul.

Peace xxx


softearthart said...

What lovely cowls,and beanie, my sister gave me a short woolshawl and I just love it , it looks old fashioned but is snuggly,just like your cowl, Cheers Marie

Em said...

Beautiful! I love cowls too - so handy. I love the pattern you chose as well :)

Anne said...

They look beautiful.
Are you on Ravelry?
Heaps for free patterns and ideas.
Lots of cowls patterns.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello...:)

Jules said...

So lovely to 'meet' you.
I look forward to our next Steiner gathering so that we can meet in real time.
We're on the westernport side of the peninsula, where are you?
x Jules

Melissa said...

Marie - I love shawls, and the more 'old fashioned' the better I say! I love getting all snuggly at this time of year:)

THanks for the lovely comment Em - I really liked that pattern too.

Anne, yes I'm on ravelry - that's where I get ALL my patterns from, it's awesome!

Jules, we've just moved to Somers at the beginning of the year and really enjoying settling in. Looking forward to 'meeting' you at the next gathering :)

Jamie Love said...

oh i'm loving aria's little headband!! i so need to get some of these patterns from you! :)
such lovely little knittens you've got over there mama!

<3 from NY!

softearthart said...

Hi Melissa, If you email me I will convo about needle felting cheers Marie

Tan Family said...

We love cowls, too! We prefer them over scarves. You are a talented knitter. Beautiful work!