Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great outdoor Challenge

As part of the great outdoor challenge, today I took along my camera on our usual nature walk and snapped up a few memories...

Dandelion love

 Fairy love


Our Kalala (Koala) friend

A pair of Galas flapping and twittering away

A pair of beautiful Lorikeets fluttering around. Aria actually gasped when she saw these!

Saying hello to the beetles on the path. It looks like she's squashing it from this angle, but she's not! I can't believe how quickly she just goes and touches any beetle or insect and says "hawo" then "babah". She obviously hasn't yet been conditioned into freaking out about them like most people do!

When we got back from our walk we picked some fresh lettuce for lunch - yum!

Later on in the day we went for another Koala walk. Aria was chatting away to the trees, flowers, grass and birds. She also kept saying "nose" (meaning gnomes) and pointing to little nooks and crannies. I love the pure joy in her face in this shot. She becomes so energised when out in nature (as does her Mama!) 


softearthart said...

How happy she is, I do love her hat. cheers Marie


what gorgeous, gorgeous nature! You are so lucky!!
Much love to you---love the photos.

Jen said...

What a beautiful nature walk! Love the last shot with the adorable gnome hat and my what colorful birds you have! Your neck of the woods is so enchanting - I have really enjoyed glimpses of it :D

Eileen said...

Thank you for visiting our blog - your nature walk photos are so beautiful! I just love seeing that you Koala just hanging around... such a different world from where we live!

indigomumma said...

your walk looks beautiful. Such a beautiful morning walk route you have. Beautiful and amazing wild life. I love the jacket and beanie Aria is wearing - are they your creations? love to all xxx

indigomumma said...

oh and the veggie garden is looking very productive! :)