Sunday, June 20, 2010

A morning in the garden

I'd been noticing of late that some areas of our garden had very suddenly become overgrown with weeds, so today Aria and I got busy outside with our little forks and spades. She absolutely loved it! What a great opportunity for her to express some of that boundless energy! Right now it's like I've got a toddler on speed, so a morning in the garden was absolutely perfect:) 

As is the done thing lately, she was jibber jabbering away: huge monologues interspersed with great big imitative belly laughs (think Santa). I looked up at one stage to discover that she was talking to a chubby green caterpillar about how Dadda went in the brrrm brrm to work and then she started singing part of our "fairies of the candle flame" song to a scurrying insect.

Singing the day away

A balancing act

This girl is rarely seen outside without a basket of some sort!

 Tree hugger!

Aria spent quite a bit of time talking to something up the tree. I couldn't figure out what for the life of me - maybe it's her friend "fairy woof woof" Aren't some moments just delightful?

I think we'll be having many many more mornings in the garden. We are constantly going for nature walks and spend a lot of time outdoors, but how is it that I missed what is in our very own back yard?

With love and light


softearthart said...

You are such a good Mother to your child, she is a sweetie and their is nothing like Mother Nature to inspire imaginary (but they are real of course) creatures. cheers Marie

indigomumma said...

Beautiful images. Time in the garden is just gorgeous. Ours too is looking like an overgrown jungle with all the recent rain! We'll be pottering many hours this week in the garden. Chilli is enjoying having her kitchen taken outdoors and cooking birthday parties while I potter in the yard! :) If I don't speak to you before hand - happy Solstice! :) xxx Wishing you love and light :) xxx

Vic said...

Lovely pics, what a great garden you have! It's funny how different boys are to girls. My two just spend hours chasing the dog, running around like hooligans! Still its nice to be out of the house, whatever they are doing! Vic xx