Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP wednesday and Winter table

Recently I've been working hard on a little doll for Aria's 2nd birthday. Feeling inspired by some of our recent photos, I'm trying to make it in her likeness.

Trying to form a solid figure as a foundation before creating some clothes.

I still have lots of tweaking and details to add, but here's how she looks so far:)

Nice butt!

And a view from the side... I'd like to make her boots less sock-like and add a trim to her hat and pants. She also wears an amber necklace which I may try and include.

One of the photos of my little elfin girl that inspired this creation.


We are welcoming the cool rain and cosiness of winter over here. This is the beginning of our winter nature table. I've really struggled for inspiration this season! This is our first winter table, so I'm sure as the days roll on I'll adapt more to this new season. I miss autumn right now and winter has not yet arrived in my soul! Ah well (as Aria would say - like the other day when I walked in and she'd thrown her vegies all over the room... "Ah well... no worries" lol)

With love and light


Julie said...

That is so great! I've only played around with felting just a bit but I so want to learn more.

Sunshine Mama said...

Wow, that little doll looks just like the picture of your Aria. I don't know how you do it, but you are insanely talented!

I would love to try my hand at felting, but it seems that supplies are not available around where I live. I would have to order everything online. I guess I'll just have to order finished dolls and toys from people like you ;)


softearthart said...

A lovely needle felted doll, great likeness, cheers Marie


Wonderful! I always love your work!

Kelly said...

You are so very creative! What a very special piece you are working on.

Lisa said...

Sweet! You're captured the gesture of your elfin girl spot on.

nocton4 said...

always wonderful to see, great stuff xx

Gremlina said...

We were working on some like this with my mother in law! So cute...we need to finish!

Tan Family said...

So cute! I love Aria's look, too. I love the background of the blog...I was thinking of using the same one, now that Blogger has more options. Beautiful!