Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIP wednesday

This weekAria and I have been working on a couple of different dying projects. We are doing some Batik inspired fabric squares which I will later sew up into a quilt for her bed. I'm not much a fan of doonas these days and am finding it difficult to track down some affordable 100% natural fibre bedding - so I thought, why not make our own! I'm thinking of making it a nice thick blanket with wool and bamboo innards to keep her nice and warm but also remaining breatheable for summer. The design will probably end up being something similar to our spring blanket that I made last year.

To make the Batik effect we used some water based glue - much like pva glue - and then put it in the oven for a quick dry so it wouldn't seep into the fabric. Aria then painted over it with some watered down acrylic paint. After the paint dried I washed it in hot water in order to get all the glue off. I'm loving the result!

Now that our test patches have worked out fine we'll be going ahead with a whole heap more. I love the dreamy effect of it all - perfect for bed time! I will intersperse some other pale blue patches in between the painted ones and the backing will be pale blue too. I'm hoping to have it finished for her birthday:)

We are just about to tie dye some thin cotton fabric with rainbow colours. This will go with her rainbow bridge birthday story (of which I have yet to find a copy! If anyone can summarise the story that would be great. I kind of get the gyst, but would love to hear the real thing!). The fabric will also make a great accompaniment to her yet to be made play stands (for which I have found this great tutorial).

I did have lots more to write about, but Aria has just woken...



Sunshine Mama said...

I've been seeing a lots of Batik inspired crafts in the blogsphere recently, but yours has to be one of the most beautiful I've seen. Can't wait to see the end result :)


momma rae said...

ooh! i am a teacher and happen to have the rainbow bridge story in a pdf document on my computer. i am happy to share! i can't figure out how to e-mail you directly though. you send me an e-mail at mommaraeleeATyahooDOTcom and i'll send it to you. ;)

Jamie Love said...

beautiful work mama, acrylic paint? i've got to give this a go!!! please tell me what paint you used. banyan is going to need a quilt to go with his new big boy bed come winter

Anne said...

Looks beautiful...:)

Thanks for you comment on my blog.
A good place to get wool from is
Virginia Farm Wool if you google that name it should have a link to their web site I have bought wool of her. Not on line but the local Steiner school buys from them. I met her at a fare she was a lovely and very helpfull lady. No question was silly to her she was very helpful.( I asked her lots of questions LOL) There based outside of Sydney.

There a blog called" Growing Colour " if you go back on her blog she shows how she dyes with plants.

I got my dye from Batik Oetoro.
I think they have changed hands they woman who used to run shop was VERY unhelpfull you asked her a question she kept saying read the pamphlet. I found her rude so did other people that I met that had to deal with her either on the phone or in the shop. But I do like their dyes a little bit goes a long way but they are chemical though. I bought them about 8 years ago and I still have quite a bit left.
Hope that helps.

I love your lanterns...:)

Leanne said...

Oh this is going to be a most beautiful quilt...for so many reasons. Lovely!