Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice has such a warm and glowing feel to it! I think this will be something I'll look forward to a great deal each year. This year I didn't plan very much in the way of festivities as I have had another recent flare up of glandular fever. Even so, we had a lovely, special, enchanting time:)

The night before solstice, Aria and Dadda celebrated with the local Steiner crowd at a winter festival. During the week we got together with some of the other Mums and Johanna, our playgroup leader, to make some laterns which were to be used on this night. During the lantern-lit celebrations (no overhead lights) a special story, songs and supper were shared before a muddy lantern walk. When Aria got home she came bounding up to me saying "fun, fun!"

Yesterday, to celebrate the coming of Father Sun - Aria and I began the day with some powerful fresh smoothies followed by some Yoga (we happened to do lots of salutes to the sun, which was quite appropriate!).

Then we rolled up our sleeves and pants and went for a beautiful sunny walk to the beach! How amazing to have full sunny blue skies in Melbourne during Winter! It was glorious to walk through the water (although it nearly froze our toes off) while replenishing our vitamin D stores:)

Later on that day it got very dark very early, so we lit many many candles and put them all around the house. We worked and ate by candlelight for the rest of the day while singing "Fairies of the Candle Flame" which Aria now sings along to.

What a beautifully energetic but restful and peaceful day we had (despite Aria's four teeth popping through!) I hope you had a wonderful celebration wherever you are in the world :)

With love and light,


softearthart said...

A beautiful day and evening full of light, cheers Marie


love those lanterns!

momma rae said...

happy solstice! your lanterns are gorgeous! we celebrated summer solstice here yesterday. i posted a bit about it on my blog.

Eileen said...

So wonderful to see you celebrating winter as we celebrate summer! xoxo